FucKed by Mr.Hamster


Müvəqqəti Narahatçılığa Görə Üzr İstəmirik!
It is difficult to be Turkish, if you are fighting the world, it is difficult not to be Turkish! You will fight the Turks! We fear nothing but God.! Countries that disrespect God and Muhammad will fall to their knees! The First Blow Will Hack Your Websites! Long live Azerbaijan! I thank brother Turkey and brother Pakistan and other countries for their moral support in these difficult daysWe have not forgotten the countries that support Armenia! Fascist Armenia! terrorist Armenia! Occupying Armenia! Your power is only to shoot at the unarmed population! You manage to escape dishonorably on the battlefield! Armenia! The Whole World Will Recognize You as dishonorable!
#ItiQqovanKimiQovuruq! 😀
Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!
Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

Hacked by: Mr.Hamster x
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